20 years Anastasija – MY NAME IS MACEDONIA

For the 20-th anniversary of studio Anastasija, on 27.07.2016 in Institute and Museum Bitola (Patio), there was a big show MY NAME IS MACEDONIA – exclusive fashion show and dance performance. Its main theme is to carry on Macedonian culture and tradition.

se vikam Makedonija 2 (2)

This year, the studio for fashion and modern ballet ” Anastasija” marks 20 years active work with kids, young and adults. All this time it “fights” for the true values – to have them, we should know ourselves, our roots and should appreciate and cherish them. We saw the theme through four collections with creations for children and adults with ancient Macedonian elements connected to the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. The spirituality is characterized with the colour white, as basis of existence. A number of models were former studio members. The creations were by Anastasija Zulevska Milevska, accessories by Jovanka from Art Land, hair and makeup by LTD Salon. The dancers from “Anastasija” studio of modern ballet have presented through their dance performance a part of Macedonian culture and tradition as well as history. Great courage and professionalism showed the youngest dancers, whose minimum age was 3.5 years old. Stefanija gave large contribution and a “finishing thought” on this happening with her dancing, singing, talk and modeling.

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Anastasija has 20 years of experience as a fashion designer, with over 50 fashion shows behind her with unique creations; performances; cultural events with children, young and adults; project “Bitola, I love you”- Bitola talent show 2014; preparing children for Kids Eurovision contest and various music festivals. She manages the studio for fashion and modern ballet “Anastasija”; is the organizer of  “Dance without prejudice” – International Dance Day in Bitola (2015-2016). With her school for modern ballet she participated in many kids and teenage festivals and many different performances. She took part with a special collection in the promotion of the first album “Retro Perspective”2015 of the pop singer Stefanija , who’s also her spokes model , choreographer and a vital part of the studio these 20 years.



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