Stefanija & Vladimir

The musical duo “Stefanija & Vladimir” is a Macedonian- Serbian duo created in 2019. In 2020, they started the process of recording their music album “Trilogy”, which consists of 30 songs, and is recorded in the music studio ” Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World”. Their signature is original electro-pop, rock, blues,jazz music, deep lyrics that convey wisdom of life, dance expression and recognizable fashion style. This is the reason for the participation of contemporary dancers as part of their performances.

Stefanija is the lead vocalist, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer, and Vladimir appears as a guitarist, vocalist, composer, songwriter and arranger.

In 2021 begins the promotion of audio and video recordings (“Healer”, “Something”, “Snow”, “You do not run away from my soul” and “I miss you”) from the new music album, which is a symbol of faith, self-knowledge and true love. Their way of presentation is authentic, because of the sincerity and originality that is transferred from everyday life to art.

Stefanija is a professional jazz and pop singer, one of the founders of “Anastasija Center” Bitola (center for music, dance fashion and performing arts) where she works as a professional music pedagogue and choreographer. She is the producer of the music and video production Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World, where she has released her first music album “Retro – Perspective” as a soloist. Vladimir is a professional basketball player and guitarist, who acquired his knowledge from the famous guitarist and composer Radomir Mihailovic – Tocak.

What connects Stefanija and Vladimir is a healthy lifestyle. That’s why they create their Flow & Movement Concept Training. Their common denominator is music, sports and a healthy life.