July 12, at 20:30, PARKING IN FRONT OF HOUSE OF CULTURE – Bitola,  BITFEST (Summer festival in Bitola) 2015!!! All who want to see the show of ANASTASIA and the musical performance of STEFANIJA are hearty welcome!!!



Anastasija Zulevska- fashion designer, with her designer clothes and by her fashion and performance show “The Power of Freedom” delivers a message – Freedom of thought, Freedom of idea, Freedom of the spirit which is the power of the Freedom. Here are so many fighters for the freedom like actors, singers, sportsmen, DJ-s, models, who have clear thought and they want to share with you, right there in the center of Bitola…. STEFANIJA with her own songs, “Anastasija” – studio for modern ballet, LTD- hair studio, “Konzuli” – Moto club, all together are part of this event on Shirok sokak (pedestrian street in the center of Bitola) on the 12th of July, BITFEST 2015.


Anastasija has 20 years’ experience as a fashion designer, has organized around 50 fashion shows and performances with unique designers clothes, cultural events related to children and youth project “Bitola I Love You”, making choreography and designer clothes for children who participate on a Children’s Eurovision contest and many youth festivals. She owns the fashion studio and studio for modern ballet “Anastasija” and she organizes the International day of dance in Bitola, “Dance without prejudice”.


STEFANIJA with her performance “Fly project II” is also a part of BITFEST 2015 and she is going to release her first album “RETRO>PERSPECTIVE”, which symbolizes her 11 years period of solo performer. The album consists all her previous songs with her own music and text and her old teenage songs with new music arrangements and lyrics. She is going to make music videos for all these songs as soon as possible.


For more information about Stefanija, you can visit her website: .

Stefanija has graduated as a pop and jazz singer at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has appeared x number of times on the stage and won prizes as a great singer. She held many concerts and sang all around Macedonia with her band Bluesis, pop/rock/blues/jazz style of music. Her solo performing concerts, musicals and performances consisting – dancing, acting and singing are the reason why she appears as a complete artist (the musical “Music All”, the performances “Fly Project I”, “Night Romance”, “There’s no joke with the love”).  Stefanija is a professional choreographer at the fashion studio and studio for modern ballet “Anastasija” in Bitola, since 2006. She has a main role as a choreographer in many children’s festivals, Youth Eurovision Song contest, the musical “Hair” – Bulgaria, fashion performance and dance for 10 and 15 years anniversary of “Anastasija”. She works as a choreographer and performer in “Intimate Theater” – Bitola. She has participated as a model in a lot of fashion shows organized by her mother and fashion designer Anastasija since she was 4 years old.

Written by : STEFANIJA

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