Literary Live Performance – synthesis of literature, music and film

Bitola was a host to the festival named “300 things”, a festival for literature and audio-visual arts, putting accent on contemporary arts.

As a part of the festival, at 7th of August was held a Literary Life Performance, which is a synthesis of three artistic fields – literature, music and film.

Literary Life Performance was founded in August 2011 from Igor Trajkovski – Foja, Sims Sebastian Parket, Slavcho Jovev, Pece Nikolovski and Mark Purpose. This year Stefanija joined them as a vocal. The idea for this Performance can be found at the base of todays’ true values and their goal is to raise the criteria for evaluation of writing, music and conceptual videos.

The main concept of the Performance was reading textual paragraphs, phrases and quotes with a music background made by them.

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On 25th of July, The Literary Life Performance took also part at Demir Hisar Summer 2015.

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Written by : Stefanija

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