I know we’ll meet again – Stefanija’s new song and new music video with an emotional message


Carried out by the strength of the sad emotions that were felt during the whole past year. I was encouraged to write a song that will remain a memorial for my close friend Djole (Gjorgji Stefanovski 28). He lost his life too early in a motorcycle accident.

Many memories, many moments spent together are put into the song “I know we’ll meet again”. There is personal information, photographs, personal data and his paintings shared into the video.


The video was filmed in the house of Shirok Sokak 61: Anastasija Center, Center-Lounge & Fresh Bar, the music studio Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World (where the song was recorded) and Astra Casino, (where he was the manager). Our story, transformed into a musical product, was fully sponsored by the general sponsorsNovomatic – groups of companies, his close friends and collaborators, in order to remain a memory that will be an emotional remembering of his life.


The promotion of the song was made at the Center-Lounge & Fresh Bar on June 9th 2018, a date on his birthday, which was symbolic of his huge heart, for parties that he arranged to hang out with his closest friends.



In just 3 days after the promotion of the song, my eldest brother Igor, who for 38 years heroically fought in a body with a disability, left this world. Cerebral palsy and 100 % brain damage, with speech and movement disabilities.  The person who taught me to love endlessly and share willingly. I value life and am grateful for what I have for my own body and the reason I own it. I put spirituality on a pedestal because the only communication was the connection of our souls.

With the song “I know we’ll meet again” I unconsciously pointed out this moment.

The content of the last song that wasreleased did not make me think it would become a hymn for everyone who left on the other side.  It is symbolic that the lyrics corresponds to the qualities of the two Igor (38) and Djole (28), because they, in my opinion and those who knew them well, were the symbol of love.  I use this opportunity to get to know the feeling that appears on the spiritual plane after death. Because I consciously claim that they are guarding me from the other side, but while we are here on this planet earth in a material form, we have to respect and help each other maximally, especially with your loved ones.  Because after they leave us, our only connection is a spiritual way or the speech of our souls. But regardless of the form, we always knew that we were related souls with them.

As a sister and a friend who lost, I am grateful that with my music I can tell my feelings and touch other hearts in order to heal them.


With love,


Stefanija – I know we’ll meet again (Official music video) © 2018

Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World


Music/ Lyrics – Stefanija

Arrangement – Mark Purpose /

Stefanija Music Production – Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World / Box Production

Directed by: Stefanija Video Production: Shoot & Shine Production

Director of photography – Goran Kuzmanovski

Costumes: Anastasija Fashion Studio

Accessories : Art Land

Hairstyle: LTD Salon

Make-up: Ksenija Vangelovska

Participants: Dancer – Marija Naumoff Artist – Angela Petrovska

PartyDj – Dj Boc.A – Anastasija Center’s members Mutual friends of Gjorgi and Stefanija

Paintings – Gjorgi Stefanovski 1989 – 2017

Location – Shirok Sokak 61

Anastasija Center

Center – Lounge & Fresh Bar

Robevsky Luxury Rooms

Special thanks to our General Sponsors – Novomatic – Group of compаnies



„Твојата насмевска доаѓа во моите сништа…

Помагаше со љубов без лимит…

Ме тераш да се смејам повтoрно, а ти си …

На другата страна …”

Why do I have to write

a sad song about you “G”

You were funny and nice

Happiness is what you symbolize

Your smile had a power

Hands full with a lavender flower

Sharing and caring for others

affection without limitation

your positive vibration

makes me smile again

I lost a friend

I’ve lost a soulmate

Faith is fulfilling my lonely days

Trying to cope with these broken ways

Only memories are flash backs

Cause I lost a friend

I know we’ll meet again

God only knows when

I will put away the pain

because I know we’ll meet again x2

Your angel will lead you

And show you the right way

Finding in Heaven

Peace and Love again

Reminder of the mission

Is a house full of musicians

Painting my music piece

You are in my dreams

Day after day,

ride after ride

We’ll meet up

on the other side x2

I know we’ll meet again

God only knows when

I will put away the pain

because I know we’ll meet again x2

Trying not to cry

Your soul lasts forever

never does it die

we’ll always be together

and never say goodbye

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