LUX LIFE – Stefanija has promoted her New song and New Music Video

On 09.11.18 in Center-Lounge & Fresh Bar, Bitola, the promotion was made of the new song “Lux Life” and Stefanija’s new music video.
The mix of retro soul, syth- pop, electro-disco and repetitive pop refrain is actually what its characterized by “Lux Life”.
With “I know we’ll meet again” and “Lux Life” she’s making a comeback with her music that is recorded in the music studio Welcome to Stefanija’s Music World in Bitola.

I know we’ll meet again – Stefanija’s new song and new music video with an emotional message

The promotion of the song was made at the Center-Lounge & Fresh Bar on June 9th 2018.Many memories are put into the song “I know we’ll meet again”. There is personal information, photographs, personal data and his paintings shared into the video.The content of the last song that was released would become a hymn for everyone who left on the other side.